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Education: The academic way of getting Skill boosts:

Miskatonic University is split into different Schools, which are in turn split into Sections and Departments.

Students are expected to take 4 courses to start out, or 3 courses and an Extra Curricular activity. Most of you have at least two or three already (Your Major, Philosophy: Wisdom of the Gods). You can take these courses at 5 levels (100, 200, 300, 400, 500), this gives you an idea of how high the relevant Skills can be raised without the need for a Skill increase roll (100 can raise to 10%. 200 to 20%. 300 to 30%, etc). Beyond these margins you must roll at the end of a session to see if you get any raise at all.

Here is a rough outline as to the different Courses you can take, as well as which skills they affect:

Ancient History: (History)

Anthropology: (Anthropology)

Archaeology: (Archaeology)

Astronomy: (Astronomy)

Biology: (Biology)

Botany: (Natural History, Spot Hidden)

Business: (Bargain, Credit Rating)

Chemistry: (Chemistry)

Classical Languages: (Choice of Ancient Language)

Economics: (Accounting, Law)

Engineering: (Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair)

English: (Language: English)

Fine Arts: (Art)

Geography: (Natural History, Navigate)

Geology: (Geology, Natural History)

History: (History)

Law: (Law)

Mathematics: (Accounting, Physics)

Medicine: (Medicine, Pharmacy)

Metallurgy: (Craft)

Modern Languages: (Choice of Modern Language)

Music: (Art: Instrument, Listen)

Nursing: (First Aid, Medicine)

Philosophy: (History, Persuade)

Physical Education: Choice of Sport: Boxing (Dodge, Fist), American Football/Lacrosse (Dodge, Throw), Horse Riding (Ride), Fencing (Weapon: Fencing Foil), Swimming (Swim)

Physics: (Physics)

Psychology: (Psychoanalysis, Psychology)

Religion: (History, Occult)

Sociometrics: (Persuade, Psychology)

Theater: (Cthulhu Mythos, Disguise, Fast Talk)

Zoology: (Natural History, Track)

The total level of your courses cannot exceed 10000 as you would be a student hermit, living only to study. (E.g. Steve (aka The Bastard) takes Law 400, Metallurgy 300, Psychology 200, and Philosophy 100. 400 + 300 + 200 + 100 = 10000. If he increased any of them, his head would explode)

Extra Curricular Activities

These can also be used to gain points in skills, however, to a lesser extent (1d4).

Archeological Studies Club

Arkham Astronomical Society

Arms of Atlas

Chamber Ensemble

Debate Society

Equestrian Club

French Club

Glee Club

Ivory Tower Circle

Jazz Dance Band

Maritime Research Society

Medieval Recreation Society

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Shooting Club

Skeptics’ Society

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