Misadventures at Miskatonic!

Journal Entry: September 7, 1925

September 7, 1925

I have attended a rather peculiar class with a rather peculiar bunch of bedfellows. Wisdom of the Gods conducted by Prof. Mason Wade was far beyond what I was expecting of an extra credit module.

In particular, the long discussions on God, the blasphemous lack thereof, and Mr Upmans stoic defense of a God who can not be known to us.

Further, a Moorish fellow by the name of Wasim Wasem had the gall to speak up and suggest his God was the Supreme God.

I only wish I could have retorted with something or another to do with British Colonization of Egypt.Well actually, we did throw them out from here eventually .

The day was not a total loss though. I had the great pleasure of meeting a rather fine pair of Miskatonic blood. Something I was beginning to think was a rarity. Francis and Vivian Ashbry seemed quite enthralled with me when I quite deftly secured a win in a little automobile race with my fast talk!

More’s the pity that the Moor had to spoil the day by backing out of a gentlemanly fight!



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