Misadventures at Miskatonic!

Journal Entry: October 3 1925

October 3, 1925

An absolutely monstrous night dear Journal!

What started as a rather lovely evening chatting with Mister Hall and a lending of my extensive Egyptian expertise (cleverly recognized by Hall himself!) turned into a debacle with death.

As I briefly mentioned, Edgar Hall requested my services in the setup of his exhibition in Arkham. We chatted briefly on the changes of Egyptian linguistics, the recording of histories and the impact it had on the slaves, commoners and ruling elites. Rather simple but I indulged him. In attendance were a few of the gentleman from the study group. They helped with the heavy lifting.

After the exercises of the mind and the exercises of the others we were certainly in the mood to attend the Ashbrys Egyptian party. Unfortunately I was unable to advise on the decorations due to the previously mentioned supervision I gave to Edgar. Thankfully I was treated a rare display of true British wit as Johns and the Butler exchanged pleasantries. An odd bedfellow I’ve mentioned before.

The festivities were gay and the party drinks flowing. And between – you and me dear Journal – I think I’ve met someone.

The night ended too soon and upon stumbling back with Johns, D’Arnett and the Egytian fellow Wasem, we found ourselves somewhere entirely in the twilight of the moon. A cemetery stood to our side with a gravekeeper doing the godly hard labour those fellows are known for. Now, for reasons I can’t recall – not because of the drink mind you – the black man from Egypt and the D’arnett fellow got it in their heads to play a prank on this fellow. My memory fades here from a slip and a tumble to the ground.

The last thing I recall of that night, of stumbling back to the dorms, was the hanging body of our dear friend Alistar Upman.



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