Misadventures at Miskatonic!

Journal Entry: October 17, 1925

October 17, 1925

Good morning Journal! That sly vixen Vivian inviting me to picnic! She’s quite clearly infatuated with me now that she’s seen Johanna’s indecent approaches! What is a man of such sterling quality to do?


My God Journal. Today took a tumble for the worse. We had intended a for a lovely picnic on an idyllic isle in the Miskatonic river but didn’t account for the overly territorial birds. Upon a short walk after the light lunch we were attacked without mercy. It was only upon leaving the island that those winged creatures stopped their displays of aggression and returned to their homes of sticks and shit.

Poor Johns was ravaged with, and I apologise dear Journal, blood gushing from every wound. The dressing of his wounds were to no avail but thankfully we rushed him to hospital in time.

Needless to say Officer Burke once again made an entrance into my life for another account of the (mis)adventures of yours truly. I think I’m becoming something of a celebrity around town.



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