Misadventures at Miskatonic!

Journal Entry: October 10, 1925

October 10, 1925

Journal! With you as my witness and by God’s good grace those Lexington brothers will not have the last laugh! The honor of the Massachusetts Sterling’s will not allow it.

After what was an …. enlightening milk run with Gilman, Johns, D’Arnett and Wasem (the Egyptian fellow) and a tame gallery held in the Orne Library (Father would be proud. Not just of Johanna but of the lack of booze) we come back from helping the lovely Accacia to find the Lexingtons have made off with several hundred dollars in cash.

After, taking the high road and allowing them to back out of a wager with dignity they have the nerve to thieve from me!? This will not be the last chapter in our entwine.



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