Misadventures at Miskatonic!

Journal Entry: October 19, 1925

October 19, 1925


With heavy heart I must tell you now, a great man has left the world. Francis Ashbry, a colleague, a mentor and a friend has fallen to his death.

His death has brought into sharp focus an otherwise unseeable evil that permeates around us, the members of the Wisdom of the Gods. There is only one solace I can bring to Francis’ memory and my own grief. I must stop this evil now.

I do not know how or where to start. Nothing in the past few months has prepared me for this ordeal, not a clue, not a hint and not an inkling has been given but I alone am the man to do it.

My course is set. My resolve is true.



Journal Entry: October 18, 1925

October 18, 1925

The nerve of some people! As if the tabloids weren’t enough now the people who have known me for sometime dare to accuse me of theft and deceit. I have never come across the back book Professor Wade was describing at dinner, but fully intend to never let it reach him now.

Journal Entry: October 17, 1925

October 17, 1925

Good morning Journal! That sly vixen Vivian inviting me to picnic! She’s quite clearly infatuated with me now that she’s seen Johanna’s indecent approaches! What is a man of such sterling quality to do?


My God Journal. Today took a tumble for the worse. We had intended a for a lovely picnic on an idyllic isle in the Miskatonic river but didn’t account for the overly territorial birds. Upon a short walk after the light lunch we were attacked without mercy. It was only upon leaving the island that those winged creatures stopped their displays of aggression and returned to their homes of sticks and shit.

Poor Johns was ravaged with, and I apologise dear Journal, blood gushing from every wound. The dressing of his wounds were to no avail but thankfully we rushed him to hospital in time.

Needless to say Officer Burke once again made an entrance into my life for another account of the (mis)adventures of yours truly. I think I’m becoming something of a celebrity around town.

Journal Entry: October 10, 1925

October 10, 1925

Journal! With you as my witness and by God’s good grace those Lexington brothers will not have the last laugh! The honor of the Massachusetts Sterling’s will not allow it.

After what was an …. enlightening milk run with Gilman, Johns, D’Arnett and Wasem (the Egyptian fellow) and a tame gallery held in the Orne Library (Father would be proud. Not just of Johanna but of the lack of booze) we come back from helping the lovely Accacia to find the Lexingtons have made off with several hundred dollars in cash.

After, taking the high road and allowing them to back out of a wager with dignity they have the nerve to thieve from me!? This will not be the last chapter in our entwine.

Journal Entry: October 3 1925

October 3, 1925

An absolutely monstrous night dear Journal!

What started as a rather lovely evening chatting with Mister Hall and a lending of my extensive Egyptian expertise (cleverly recognized by Hall himself!) turned into a debacle with death.

As I briefly mentioned, Edgar Hall requested my services in the setup of his exhibition in Arkham. We chatted briefly on the changes of Egyptian linguistics, the recording of histories and the impact it had on the slaves, commoners and ruling elites. Rather simple but I indulged him. In attendance were a few of the gentleman from the study group. They helped with the heavy lifting.

After the exercises of the mind and the exercises of the others we were certainly in the mood to attend the Ashbrys Egyptian party. Unfortunately I was unable to advise on the decorations due to the previously mentioned supervision I gave to Edgar. Thankfully I was treated a rare display of true British wit as Johns and the Butler exchanged pleasantries. An odd bedfellow I’ve mentioned before.

The festivities were gay and the party drinks flowing. And between – you and me dear Journal – I think I’ve met someone.

The night ended too soon and upon stumbling back with Johns, D’Arnett and the Egytian fellow Wasem, we found ourselves somewhere entirely in the twilight of the moon. A cemetery stood to our side with a gravekeeper doing the godly hard labour those fellows are known for. Now, for reasons I can’t recall – not because of the drink mind you – the black man from Egypt and the D’arnett fellow got it in their heads to play a prank on this fellow. My memory fades here from a slip and a tumble to the ground.

The last thing I recall of that night, of stumbling back to the dorms, was the hanging body of our dear friend Alistar Upman.

Journal Entry: September 28, 1925

September 28, 1925

Another typical Monday gone by. The foreign fellow and Mr Upman were at it again. I find the class stimulating but lacking any real use in the practical world. It was not a total loss of morning however as Ms Ashbry cordially invited me to a little soiree as those chaps across the water like to call it.

Journal Entry: September 7, 1925

September 7, 1925

I have attended a rather peculiar class with a rather peculiar bunch of bedfellows. Wisdom of the Gods conducted by Prof. Mason Wade was far beyond what I was expecting of an extra credit module.

In particular, the long discussions on God, the blasphemous lack thereof, and Mr Upmans stoic defense of a God who can not be known to us.

Further, a Moorish fellow by the name of Wasim Wasem had the gall to speak up and suggest his God was the Supreme God.

I only wish I could have retorted with something or another to do with British Colonization of Egypt.Well actually, we did throw them out from here eventually .

The day was not a total loss though. I had the great pleasure of meeting a rather fine pair of Miskatonic blood. Something I was beginning to think was a rarity. Francis and Vivian Ashbry seemed quite enthralled with me when I quite deftly secured a win in a little automobile race with my fast talk!

More’s the pity that the Moor had to spoil the day by backing out of a gentlemanly fight!

Journal Entry: September 6, 1925

September 6, 1925

Father is an old man with no sense of the modern world! He lectures me on the necessities and politics of a gentleman but has not attended Harvard himself!

Having spent the weekend with father I have come to a plain truth. The simple difference between him and I – that he fails to admit to! – he was given the opportunity. Borne not of any skill of his own but of the good fortune to be borne of Grandpapa!

Had I the opportunity to prove myself in a manner befitting a man like me, I would not squander it!

Journal Entry: August 24, 1925

August 24, 1925

My first day at the presigious prestigious halls of Miskatonic University were uneventful. Father would approve.

For the most part I spent the day acquainting myself with the professors as I was given a guided tour of the Campus. For them to make such a grandiose event of little old me shows,were I skeptic, and certainly I may be, a rather sever case of desperation.

Perhaps I can use this to my advantage.

Journal Entry: August 23, 1925

September 23, 1925

I often think fondly of Lillian. Those days spent in the toil of the hot baking sun. The lean-to we made during that unexpected sandstorm. The kiss we shared as heat and wild furry overtook us – with out and within.

I now stand before the beckon of an ivy wrought gate. Much like the one I left so many years ago with dear Lillian. Older. Wiser? Know not I what to expect behind these walls.

A certainty though; another great adventure.


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