Miskatonic University is named after the Miskatonic River that flows through the centre of the witch-haunted city of Arkham. It is one of the most notable features of the city, so much so that Arkham could well be called a University Town. The influx of students during semester time sees a growth in local trade while university professors often fulfill civic roles. That said, the relationship between Arkham with its God-fearing puritan history and a uniquely secular campus has resulted in some tensions. Arkham is located 27 miles north of Boston within Essex County, Massachusetts. It is located 9 miles north of the sea port of Salem.

The Department of Arts and Philosophy offers two different baccalaureate degrees: Liberal Arts including schools of Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Linguistics, English, Philosophy and Political Economy; and Science which includes schools of Mathematics, Physics, Zoology, Geology, Chemistry, Psychology, Medicine and Biology. Specialisations are available as a lead-up to post-graduate study.

You have enrolled in a new class being run by Professor Mason Wade. Nominally held under the auspices of the School of Philosophy the subject is available to all freshmen students across both Liberal Arts and Science disciplines.

This is how the subject is described:

“The Wisdom of Gods: Neo-Platonism, Evolution and Morality: A philosophical investigation into the evolution of the mind, soul and the cosmos (and those intersections in between). From classical scholars like Plotinus to contemporary thinkers like Wundt and Freud we seek to discover what it is to be both moral and enlightened. Shirkers need not enrol."

You may have enrolled enthusiastically, to fill out a remaining subject or accidentally. All that matters is that all the characters commence the term in this class.

Misadventures at Miskatonic!

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